Why work with us ?

Human Resources

Downsizing your I.T. department or sharing some of the workload with us will save you money and also benefit you from some of the best I.T. services available. Give your I.T. guys a break, we can handle it better!


Having behind a team of experts who are used to dealing with less regular problems that might occur on different platforms and OS's, in 15 years we have gathered plenty of experience to deal with the most persistent problems.

Competitive prices

We are not the cheapest. Usualy what is very cheap lacks in quality, however at the value for money we are unbeatable and we assure you that you will be satisfied. There's no moneyback guarantee, that's how confident we are.

Data Security

In a time when more and more security vulnerabilities appear, security is becoming essential. What would happen if someone hacked your customers database ? Your data and privacy are safe with us.


Our goal is to offer you the widest possible range of I.T. services in order to make sure that any problem you might encounter we will be able to come up with a working solution.

Online Services

Wordpress Websites

We design websites on any theme, Wordpress or custom, depending on your needs.

Android Development

Depending on the complexity of your ideea, we can develop an App for your Android phone.

iOS Development

We also develop native iOS Apps for your Apple products, depending on your needs.

Graphics and Design

Do you need graphic elements like banners, flyers, bussiness cards etc. ? We can make them.

Media Editing

We process any type of media content (pictures, music, clips) to develop your ideeas in a proffesional way.

Online Advertising

We are offering you a complete Online Advertising solution with the help of Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram and Custom Newsletters.


Home or Office

  • 1-2 workstations
  • Installation, configuration
  • User Management
  • 9/17 Tech Support
  • Data Protection

Medium Bussiness

  • 5-10 workstations
  • Installation, configuration
  • User Management
  • 9/19 Tech Support
  • Data Protection

Advanced Corporate

  • 10+ workstations
  • Installation, configuration
  • User Management
  • 7/24 Tech Support
  • Data Protection

Online Threats

Online threats categories

Malicious Tools6%
Viruses and Worms1%


SysAdmins LTD

Your personal CyberSecurity.


Learn more about our services! We'll make time and explain them to you face to face!

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